We’re passionate about sustainability,
it’s the heart of our business.
We aim to lead the way in tackling textile waste and inspire, engage and support schools, clubs, charities, community groups and business organisations to improve the impact they have on society through fundraising from textile and clothing recycling.

‘Phil’ the Bag is a FREE clothing
recycling initiative...
Helping you raise
funds from your textile recycling donations.

At least 75% of textiles we throw away are recyclable, however, we only recycle around 25% and textiles still make up 12% of landfill sites.

Our main aim is to increase textile and clothing recycling to reduce landfill and offer a financial reward to those participating in our project.

Fun and easy fundraising!

Textile Recycling in Kent
Find out how textile recycling works
Phil the Bag supports The Coco's Foundation and other charities around the World
We are the official textile recycling partner of eco schools
Phil The Bag supports Kent Air Ambulance through our charity fundraising

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