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The 'Phil' the Bag Scheme is a unique opportunity which helps to demonstrate to the children the significance of textile recycling and re-using on both a local and global scale and provides valuable clothing for people in developing countries whilst boosting school funds.

Learning about the impact or ecological footprint of our communities can encourage both young and old to 'think locally and act globally'. Caring for the environment is a strong theme in nurseries and schools. Recycling projects, involvement in Eco Schools and various creative productions all involve young children in thinking about how they can limit the damage to the environment now and in the future.

Many community groups have helped children to make informed decisions in relation to political, community and environmental issues by exploring clothes recycling and reducing waste. 'Phil' the Bag can help to foster in children a number of personal qualities rooted in values of respect and care for others and for the environment. As a result of their learning experiences, children can become progressively more able to identify and frame their own questions and problems and suggest possible solutions.

As well as your nursery, school or community group, the environment is going to benefit too - because by recycling your clothes for people to re-use, you will be helping to reduce landfill.

If you would like some support or more information, about holding a 'Phil' the Bag fundraising day, then email us or complete the enquiry form on the contact page.

"We cannot think of an easier or quicker way to donate,
educate and generate funds for your school!"

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