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Coco's FoundationThe CoCo's Foundation has been working in partnership with 'Phil the Bag' for the last eighteen months and what an eighteen months it’s been. Phil the bag has put us in contact with many schools that have helped the CoCo's Foundation to support many children in South Africa.

Without this partnership the CoCo's Foundation would not have achieved raising the £4,793.59 which has helped us to send 97 children to school by buying their school uniforms and has bought 18 beds for child headed families. 

One of these schools 'Goodnestone' has raised £2000.00 to set up an after school club to help orphans come to terms with the loss of their parents through doing memory boxes and crafts as well as giving them a meal. Three schools 'Pound Hill Infants, Maidenbower infants and The Brook have even joined together to raise £6,000 to set up another After School Workshop and Build a house, through our Build4TheFuture project. 

Thanks to the 'Phil the Bag Team’ many children have smiles on their faces. I always say that I'm the lucky one....! I get to see the happy smiles on the children's faces that the children in the UK raise money for through 'Phil the Bag' in South Africa.

Coco's Foundation - Changing Lives Everyday

Coco's Foundation Food For AfricaChris at Coco’s just got back from a trip to Africa were he and his team built a house for a 10 year old boy and his 5 brothers and sisters. This little chap was the youngest child they have built a house for…

Their 'Phil' the Bag clothing collections paid for the bunk-beds. He slept in the tent for 18 months and now has a house to sleep in.

Chris said… "Thanks again for what you do, the smiles on the children's faces when they see their bed is priceless."

In addition to this, a massive thank you to one of our schools, Crawley Green Primary School, who paid for the 'JoJo' water tank. And what a difference this will make to the childrens’ lives…!

If your school would like to find out more about how they can get involved with helping the Coco’s Foundation, just give us a call! You’ll never look back…!

The Ubombo Child Care Centre

In May 2010, Debs and I sat in the Ubombo Child Care Centre after spending two amazing weeks building a Trauma centre with a young team of professional hairdressers: Jake, Jodie, Pete and Ed, with two young boys sitting on my lap sobbing their hearts out because they believed they would never see us again!

So what do you do? Sit there and become another adult in their world that lets them down and abuses them in a different way or do you whisper in their ear "I'll see you in August" and make the thirty hour journey.

That day my journey had just begun!

The CoCo's company is committed to the continuous support of the Ubombo Children's Care Centre and the care of twenty beautiful children through The CoCo's Foundation.

'Sometimes in life when you start something you don't know where it will take you but you have great fun times following the path'.

Thanks to 'Phil' the bag they have helped us to take a dream and make it into reality.

On our last visit we took twenty orphans on a two hour car journey to buy complete school uniforms and shoes.

When you hand over a pair of shoes to a boy of twelve and you see a single tear rolling down his cheek. You ask him what the matter is and he says 'I've never had anything new before'!

You know you are making a real difference to his life, when you know he has no Mum, no Dad and has HIV, but did not catch it from his parents.

Thank you 'Phil' the Bag! without your support, twenty orphans would not be able to attend school and one little boy would not have had the opportunity that you have given him.

Never doubt that you cannot directly help these and many other orphans through 'Phil' the bag.

The CoCo's Foundation visits orphanages two to four times a year where your donation through 'Phil' the bag will make a direct, real difference.

Contact us for more information about how you can make a link with the children at the orphanage, receive a free presentation at your school about the children and the locality, and help provide shoes for them to be able to attend school.

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