Is Your School Eco-Friendly?

‘Phil’ the Bag is pleased to offer it’s FREE award-winning fundraising initiative to all green-thinking schools.

‘Phil’ believes that all schools should be on a journey to becoming a sustainable school.

In practice this means a continuous process of integrating high standards of achievement and behaviour with the goals of healthy living, environmental awareness, community engagement and global citizenship.

Our long-term well-being – as individuals, communities and nations – depends on the way we care for ourselves and for each other, and the way we care for the environment, now and in the future. A commitment to care underpins a school’s work on sustainable development.

‘Phil’ the Bag offers opportunities to explore the local and global contexts of real-life issues.

The idea of ‘making the world a better place’ has clear relevance across all subjects.

‘Phil’ wants to see schools which prepare pupils to become active, responsible citizens, focused on the needs of their communities and wider world.

When you book your next collection ask ‘Phil’ for your FREE copy of our NEW Programme of Practical Classroom Activities. These plans have been developed in line with the principles of Education for Global Citizenship and have been embedded across all areas of the curriculum.

Save money AND earn more money with 'Phil' the Bag.

Many people believe that being greener means investing in greener products, but that’s not the case. Being greener is actually about reducing the amount of resources we consume and being responsible with those that we use.

All schools should work towards becoming models of waste minimisation and sustainable consumption, using goods and services of high environmental and ethical standards from local sources where practicable, and increasing value for money by reducing, reusing, repairing and recycling as much as possible.

Does your curriculum cultivate the knowledge, skills, values and confidence pupils need to minimise waste and respond to global challenges?

Are staff and pupils involved in schemes to promote waste minimisation?

A ‘Phil’ the Bag collection is enjoyable and rewarding for the whole school community.

Undertaking a school wide, community project around recycling with 'Phil' the Bag ticks a number of criteria for the Eco-Schools Award and fits nicely into the Sustainable Schools Framework.

Eco Schools Show

Did you meet 'Phil' at the Eco Schools Show in Bolton? We had a great time meeting everyone who came along.

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