Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ‘Phil’ the Bag™?

‘Phil’ the Bag™ is not a charity organisation. It is a business, which specialises in collecting and buying quality second-hand clothes in their original condition, which are then sold to wholesalers in emerging nations.

2. What happens to the clothes?

Mostly they are shipped to African countries where a wholesaler then sorts them and sells them to market traders at affordable prices.

3. When do we get paid?

Due to the great success of ‘Phil’ the Bag™ please allow up to12 weeks after the collection date to receive your payment and a certificate of achievement.

If you’re keen to find out your total prior to receiving your payment,
please allow 2 weeks from the date of your collection before emailing the office. UNFORTUNATELY WE CANNOT CALL YOU WITH THIS INFORMATION.

4. Which areas do you cover?

We currently cover a large area of England. Please contact us to check if we cover your area.

5. What time will the collection be?

Please be aware that collections take place at any time of the day roughly between 9am-4pm Monday-Friday. Our drivers do their best to accommodate any special requests but these are NEVER guaranteed. Please note it may be a different driver each time who may not know 'where it was last time' or who 'always arrives first thing'.

It is important that you provide a telephone numsber on which you can be contacted anytime on your collection day and it is strongly advised that should you need to open up e.g. a scout hut or church, that someone is on hand to do this for the duration of the collection date.

6. Can we have a different collection address?

Yes we can collect from e.g. a Scout Hut, but it is your responsibility to make sure you confirm the correct collection address at every booking.

7. How much does it cost to set up a collection? 

All collections and associated administration is FREE. ‘Phil’ the Bag™ will provide you with an info pack, mini poster, template letter to parents.

8. How much do you pay us?

We pay the best market price possible (and are yet to be beaten by other similar companies!).

We are currently paying £300 per tonne (30p/kg)

9. Use of plastic bags?

As you know, the Government is clamping down on the use of plastic bags, and in line with our updated Environmental Policy, we have taken the decision to lead the way amongst other textile recycling companies, and stop adding to the problem, by no longer providing bags to schools/organisations.

Consequently, we are requesting that hence forth, your parents/families/members use their own bags (black sacks, bin liners, carrier bags etc.) and we can recycle these for you.

In this regard, it is important that people receive 'a letter home/flyer' to promote your collection.

You will find a template letter to parents attached within our Info pack.

10. How often may we organise a collection
with ‘Phil’ the Bag™?

As far as ‘Phil’ the Bag™ is concerned, as many times as this is opportune and feasible. Most schools benefit from a summer and winter collection. However, in larger schools we find once a term produces the best results. We find that the pupils and their parents anticipate by saving up for the following collections.

11. As we are a very small school in the country,
how do we go about setting up a collection?

Smaller schools usually involve the village and generate excellent collections as the whole community gets involved. This scheme works for all bona fide organisations. So far, ‘Phil’ the Bag™ has paid thousands of pounds to schools, scout groups, football clubs, charity groups, churches, guides, etc!

12. Can you remind me what you do and do not accept?

We accept all kinds of adult and childrens’ clothing, hats, shoes, belts, handbags, and household textiles including sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers, curtains and towels.

We also DO accept non-logo school uniform, however we do not make lost property cupboard collections.

We do not accept:
Sleeping Bags
Offcuts of fabric
Any WET items
Tent Canvas
No ripped or stained clothing
Soft Toys

Unfortunately we are also unable to accept towels, bedding and curtains from commercial organizations. E.g. Hospitals, hotels and animal sanctuaries.



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