Fashion Shows

Phil's Fashion Shows

Why not 're-use' an old t-shirt by giving it a new personal design? Draw on it, paint it, cut it, sew it… and then even hold a fashion show to display the new designs - thereby raising even more funds for your school.

The possibilities are endless!

Why hold a fashion show?

  • The children love being stars
  • Helps to raise childrens' self esteem and build confidence
  • Lasting memories for children and parents
  • Fun and easy fundraising!


What you need to do...

  • Children to bring in 2 or 3 items that would have gone into their 'Phil the Bag' bag. (Try to get hold of a few extra pieces of clothing for children without any).
  • Get your scissors, pens, sequins, old buttons, needles and thread!
  • Turn the old clothing into "new recycled fashion"!
  • Teach the children some funky poses, how to walk and dance moves.
  • Get on the catwalk and turn the music up loud!
  • Proud parents enjoy watching the children having fun!


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