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Find out how easy it is to be part
of the 'Phil' the Bag Scheme!

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The setting up of a 'Phil' the Bag collection, the actual clothing collection and all associated administration is totally FREE.

And furthermore you may organise as many textiles collections as you wish during the year so there is no limit to how much money you can raise for your school! We recommend a summer and winter collection or if you really want to boost school funds, why not have a collection each term?

"Now paying £300 per tonne!"*

Recycle day...

The children bring in their bags on your Recycle Day, the bags are then weighed and a certificate and cheque land on your doormat before you know it. It's that easy!

Use of plastic bags...

As you know, the Government is clamping down on the use of plastic bags, and in line with our updated Environmental Policy, we have taken the decision to lead the way amongst other textile recycling companies, and stop adding to the problem, by no longer providing bags to schools/organisations.

Consequently, we are requesting that hence forth, your parents/families/members use their own bags (black sacks, bin liners, carrier bags etc.) and we can recycle these for you.

In this regard, it is important that people receive 'a letter home/flyer' to promote your collection.

You will find a template letter to parents attached within our Info pack.

An easy and fun way to raise funds...

No need to be continually approaching parents for financial support to buy important resources, just ask them to 'Phil' the Bag, an easy and fun way to raise funds through recycling. We pay the best market price possible and adjust this each term. Easy fundraising!

Only a small school or group?

It doesn't matter as we pay by the kilo - so every item of clothing counts!

And there's more...

'Phil' offers competitions and regular Promotions!

Email us and we will advise you on available dates for collection.

Storage of the bags is not an issue as our trained collectors will be waiting at the designated place and the bags are loaded directly onto the van.

Although please note that we do require a minimum of 40 sacks full for a collection. If you do not have 40 sacks full on the morning of your Recycle Day, please call us immediately to discuss the collection. Should you fail to contact us and you have significantly less than 40 sacks full, you will not be paid for the collection. We appreciate your understanding in this.

What happens next...

These textiles are then sold on and distributed to people who can use and enjoy them in developing countries, which at the same time saves our environment from the burden of further resources going to landfill.

What do we collect?

We accept all kinds of adult and childrens’ clothing, hats, shoes, belts, handbags, and household textiles including sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers, curtains and towels.

We also DO accept non-logo school uniform, however we do not make lost property cupboard collections.

We do not accept:
Sleeping Bags
Offcuts of fabric
Any WET items
Tent Canvas
No ripped or stained clothing

Unfortunately we are also unable to accept towels, bedding and curtains from commercial organizations. E.g. Hospitals, hotels and animal sanctuaries.


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