Phil Cares

We strive to make our company better for you, better for your school and also better for the environment.

We have recently equipped our entire fleet of trucks with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), an advanced pollution control technology installed in the exhaust system which uses AdBlue to destroy harmful pollutants in the exhaust gases.

We try to make a positive difference to our environment in other ways too. We will aim to send most of our correspondence via email and where this isn't possible, we'll be using recycled paper, every part of our service is as green as possible.

We'll also tell you when a van is in your area, when you book your clothes 'Recycle Day', so you can help minimise the carbon impact of your particular collection.

Our 'Phil' the Bag fundraising initiative aims to drive down consumer textile waste. Did you know that textiles make up 12% of landfill sites?

Our environment is really important to us and we will continue to work with our suppliers and partners to minimise our environmental impact and promote good environmental practice wherever and whenever we can.

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