What people who have
'Phil'ed the Bag say...

Dear 'Phil' the Bag team, I have just received a cheque for £121 from our collection at the end of September, and wanted to let you know how delighted we are with this. It was a very simple and easy way to raise some money for our funds. The 'van man' was extremely pleasant and efficient. I will book another one for the same time next year please! Thank you.

Glynis Prothero - Manuden Guides

Holywell Primary School recently participated in 'Phil' the Bag to raise funds for the school. We found the set up very professional and everything went smoothly on the day, very quick and easy resulting in the magnificent sum of over £300. We have booked again for the Autumn term.

Mrs Bunting - School Secretary

Culverstone Green Primary School found the process of 'Phil' the Bag very well organised. We plan on spending the money on outdoor games for the children. A well organised company with a lovely man collecting the unwanted goods...thank you!

Julie Williamson - School Secretary

What a great idea….THAT "Phil the Bag"
The kids filled their sacks with cloth and rags.
With a date arranged they brought them in
The "Phil the Bag" truck was filled to the brim.
Mr Driver was friendly, with a smiley face
He worked so hard and at such a fast pace.
Happy children with stickers too
What fun we had, no-one blue!
Now it's all over, just one more thing left
To arrive soon by post…a fat juicy cheque!

Zoe Workman - Lynsted & Norton Primary School

The collection was very successful. The children were inspired and some cleared their whole wardrobe! Looking forward to the summer collection. The children are keen to buy some Green items for the school.

Philip Marsh - Eastling Primary School

Children and parents alike seemed to thoroughly enjoy our recent 'Phil' the Bag day. We had an amazing response with many families using the opportunity to have a good clear out at home! From our point of view it was so easy - nothing to do except send the bags home, tell the parents about it and then put stickers on children!! It really does feel like 'money for nothing'!! Thank you so much - we are already lookng forward to our next collection day!

Claire Carter - West Minster Primary School

The Eco Council organised a 'Phil' the Bag collection as part of our work on recycling. We distributed bags to staff, pupils and governors and had a brilliant response. We arranged the collection for a Tuesday morning so that we could send a last reminder out on Monday night. By the end of the week we had received a cheque for over £200. The Eco Council are donating half the money to a local charity helping children with leukemia and the other half is helping pay for a 'puzzle day' for all the school. The event was so successful that we are having another 'Phil' day in June and I know that parents are already saving clothes for their bags. We are intending to advertise it in our April Newsltter to give the whole village an opportunity to de-clutter, recycle and raise money for the school.

Susannah Butcher - Bapchild & Tonge Primary School

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